A while ago I read Worn Stories, a compilation of stories attached to pieces of clothing, told by the people who wear them. I found the book fascinating, as I have truly grown to love the way clothing expresses who people are, encapsulates their personalities, and holds everyone through their experiences. The compilation reminded me of a novel I enjoyed a few years ago: The Secret Lives of Dresses. The book follows a young woman who is given her grandmother’s vintage dress shop after she dies, and the beautiful way each dress was given a story and therefore new life.
I love this concept, the idea of using clothes as highlighters among piles of memories, whether the experience was good or bad. Pointing to this shirt or those pants and being able to acknowledge the different things that happened and the way each interaction made you feel.
I love that clothes and fashion touch everyone everywhere, regardless of who they are or their position in life.
I rented Worn Stories from the library, but honestly loved it so much I will probably purchase it to add to my personal collection.
Documenting clothing and the way it goes in and out of life isn’t new, yet I believe my story and the way it is exclusive to me is worthy of sharing.
So here is where the documenting shall live, for the time being.

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