sunday album review

Sunday Album Review – A Man Alive by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

Welcome to the first Sunday Album Review.

Some time ago I heard a preview of this album in a Spotify Music Ad because I’m too cheap for premium, and felt it would be something I could enjoy.

Review Criteria

The Artist and their album name: Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – A Man Alive

Heard of/listened to before? No and no.

What I did while listening: Deep cleaned my room

Better suited for: A movie montage that involves a wardrobe makeover and ripping jeans

Top 3 Songs

1. Nobody Dies

2. Meticulous Bird

3. Guts

Favorite Lyric:

“Shatter what you will not carry/
Smash what you won’t bear/
Oh Daddy I broke in a million pieces/
That makes you a millionaire”

from Millionaire

Songs and musicians this reminds me of (not exactly, but to an extent):

Big Tree – This New Year

Hospitality – I Miss Your Bones

Would I recommend it?

Yes, for those who like female fronted bands with an indie feel. The lyrics are personal, but in a way that is still incredibly relatable.

Listen on Youtube, Spotify, or Tidal.



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