sunday album review

Sunday Album Review – Reflections in Real Time by Kilo Kish


I admire Kilo Kish for her style, both musical and visual. When Reflections dropped in February, I was buried deep beneath my school workload and could not appreciate it, so I have chosen to revisit it during the summer.

Review Criteria

The Artist and their album name: Kilo Kish – Reflections in Real Time

Heard of/listened to before? Yes, Locket and Navy are two of my favorite tracks from Kilo’s previous musical escapades.

What I did while listening: Worked out, and wrote some blog posts.

Better suited for: An existential crisis.

Top 3 Songs

1. Hello, Lakisha

I have to note how much I love this track, she’s so honest about the various nuances of having a “black sounding name” and how it affected her life and perceptions, and that’s a type of rawness in music that I appreciate.

2. Self Importance

3. On the Mend

Favorite Lyric:

“I punched my cupcake beanbag/

(Yes, I have a cupcake beanbag)/

’til I fell tired and embarrassed enough”

from Frustrations + Solutions

Songs and musical artists this reminds me of:

denitia and sene. – trip.fall.

Billie Black – Black & White

Would I recommend it?

Yes, but not to everyone. This album flows like a disjointed story and while I definitely appreciated it, I can tell this is not something that would resonate with everyone. The existential nature and brutal honesty is both heart breaking and mildly comical. Of course everyone deals with the terrifying uncertainty of life, but not everyone is ready or willing to listen to that idea in a song. Occasionally while listening, I had to stop and look up the lyrics just to make sure I caught all the nuances and side comments happening. Doing so really enriched the album experience, so if you do give this a listen and miss a word or two, I do recommend taking that time.

Listen on Youtube or Spotify.


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