The Left Hvnded Guide to Fashion


My younger cousin may study fashion in college, and he asked me for some tips. I decided to post this publicly in case anyone else could benefit.

Will this list be completely exhaustive? No. Will it work for everyone? Also, no. However, all of these things have helped me or other people, so take what you will and apply it to your situation.

Social Media and the Internet

In terms of business, knowing your way around various social media outlets is a definite necessity when it comes to promoting any brand – be that your own or someone else’s. Even if your brand or the brand (or store, etc.) you are working for chooses not to focus on social media, having this knowledge can help you analyze competitors and the way they connect with similar target markets.

Personally, I have both been hired as well as promoted due to my social media knowledge and my ability to engage with customers via different mediums.

Having basic knowledge of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Youtube as well as the specific audiences they draw can benefit you as you market yourself as well as any fashion companies you work for. It also helps to have knowledge of any upcoming or alternative mediums, such as Periscope.

In combination with understanding how to reach an audience from a business perspective, utilize these platforms for your own personal benefit. I follow the Business of Fashion on Instagram as well as my favorite brands and people whose style I admire. This provides both inspiration and a way to stay on top of trends and happenings.

Other beneficial mediums include blogging (hence me being here), which can encourage you to improve your writing skills, and I can’t imagine an employer anywhere wishes their employee didn’t hone their writing skills.
Polyvore is another website that I heavily recommend, due to the freedom to create fashion sets with nearly anything. If you engage enough in the community, you can become an “Insider“, which has it’s own set of perks.
Now, I’m not saying having a tumblr will get you a job or your live tweeting of an award show is portfolio worthy, but these are tools that can and should be utilized. Social media usage, combined with shameless self promotion, can definitely get you places that you wouldn’t necessarily have gotten otherwise.
Stay tuned for the next installment, where I list my favorite places for fashion tutorials around the web.


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