Sunday Album Review – 99¢ by Santigold

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You know when you’ve got something you’ve meant to do, nothing urgent or pressing, but it keeps popping up in your life, undone? That’s how I feel about listening to Santigold, and a lot of albums, hence this blog column!

Review Criteria

The Artist and their album name: Santigold – 99¢
Heard of/listened to before? Yes, and kind of. I’ve heard bits and piece of her music, but never actively sat and listened.
What I did while listening: Updated my resume
Better suited for: This would be an awesome halloween party soundtrack
Top 3 Songs
Favorite Lyric:
“I had to swerve on little mama/

cause she out here with that llama/

Alpaca on my arm/
I’m stayin’ warm in any storm/
A super chef with the snow captain/
Out here, move it, make it happen”
Songs and musical artists this reminds me of:
Would I recommend it?
Hesitantly. I like this album, but it definitely has a sound and style that is too unique to pinpoint, which might not do it for some people. Give her music a try, especially her other albums. She has a cult following and there’s definitely a reason for it.
Rating [10 being the best]: This album gets 6.7 out of 10 Alpacas.
Listen on Youtube or Spotify.
Pssst…. Did y’all listen to Frank Ocean’s new album? I want to hear what you think, leave a comment or tweet me @lefthvnded.

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