sunday album review

Sunday Album Review – For All We Know by Nao

I found Nao while scrolling through Tumblr, which is obviously my go-to way to discover new artists. Her voice is unique in a way I can’t describe, and the music she creates is nothing short of an experience.

Review Criteria

The Artist and their album name: Nao – For all We Know

Heard of/listened to before? No and No

What I did while listening: Pinned on Pinterest

Better suited for: A chill evening; this would be a great album to play in an upbeat coffee shop as well.

Top 3 Songs

1. Girlfriend

2. Bad Blood

3. Blue Wine

Favorite Lyric:

“Glass empty or full/

Quench my thirsty tongue/

I’m drinking it/

Master of my school/

Break the rules until I’m making them”

From Inhale Exhale

Songs and musical artists this reminds me of:

LION BABE – Treat Me Like Fire (Snakehips Remix)

SZA – Warm Winds

Would I recommend it? Yes, definitely listen to the album in it’s entirety and in order, the little memos and short portions in between songs really enhance the overall experience the first time you listen. Then accept that “Girlfriend” is going to be your go-to song for at least a week. At least.

Rating [10 being the best]: 8.3 out of 10 voice memos.

Listen on Youtube.


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