Style Icon – Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge

My love for Aluna’s style began immediately, when I she looked just past the camera and into my heart in the music video for Your Drums, Your Love. Her outfits are always unique and eye catching, yet still often simplistic.

I've Been Treading Water
This set is inspired by the look that started my love for the electornic duo, featuring the actual sneakers as well as the mirrored wolf statue. Click the link to find out where everything is from.
I said
This  look is inspired by the anti-harassment anthem Mean What I Mean. Everyone in that video looked fabulous, but the point of the song is even better.
Whats your favorite Aluna Francis look?

Sunday’s Tunes – Most Anticipated Albums

So, every Sunday won’t be Album Review Sunday, but if there’s a post on Sunday, 9 times out of 10 it will have to do with music.

Today I am mentioning which artists I need to drop an album yesterday. Some of these names may have been reviewed in past posts, and others have not.

1. AlunaGeorge

AlunaGeorge is in my top favorite musical artists, and Your Drums, Your Love is one of my all time favorite songs.

When I found out that they had an upcoming album, entitled I Remember, my excitement went through the roof. I’ve preordered it and I’m already in love with the released tracks, specifically Mean What I Mean.

2. Loyle Carner

I’ve reviewed Loyle Carner for Sunday Album Review, but hearing that EP just made me want to hear more. I can’t wait for a full length album of jazzy beats and smooth rhymes.

3. Lorde

I need to know where she went and why she hasn’t made music. Pure Heroine was on repeat in my car for months, and I feel personally attacked by the fact that she hasn’t dropped a new album yet. Magnets was great, but I need more than that, and she only keeps teasing me.

4. Phox

I cannot remember at all how I discovered Phox, but once I did, I was hooked. I even feel as if the Phox Pandora radio station is better than other Pandora stations that play the exact same music. I recommend it.

The lead singer and front woman, Monica Martin, also had some much appreciated words on the #blacklivesmatter movement.

As far as their music goes, Slow Motion is an obvious favorite, but their cover of Kimbra’s Settle Down has a special place in my heart, as well as their song Espeon.

5. Should I make a Frank Ocean joke or no?



Whose music are you looking forward to hearing? Let me know!

Style Icon – Corinne Bailey Rae

While she won’t be seen strutting down countless runways and she’s not the talk of every fashion blog, Corinne Bailey Rae has a gorgeous sense of style that I can’t help but love!


I’ve already talked about how much I love this gold jumpsuit from her Been to the Moon video. Her current album had quite a few songs giving me afro-futuristic vibes.


Been to the Moon


Check out this Polyvore set inspired by her looks throughout the video.
This post will be expanded upon in the future, featuring looks inspired by her past albums, so keep an eye out for that!



Monday Mood Board – “Walking in the Grass-

-It’s all fine. Don’t need shoes in the summertime”

— Spongebob

Introducing a way to brighten those sour Monday moods, the mood board and theme for the week.

moodboard 1 - summer, green


The theme for this week’s mood board is experiencing nature and summer days, even with summer being closer to half-way over. I compiled a few photos I took that are on my Instagram and Tumblr to create a natural kind of feel. My connection to nature was never that strong – I kill houseplants if I look at them for too long, but I want to try again to have an ongoing relationship and embrace nature and the natural world.

Except bugs, I just cannot stand bugs.
sunday album review

Sunday Album Review – Chapters by Yuna


After going a while without listening to her, Yuna once again popped up in my feed, and I’m so very glad she did. The deluxe version of her album was available on TIDAL, and it was the last day of my free trial, so all fingers pointed to a review.

Review Criteria

The Artist and their album name: Yuna – Chapters (Deluxe Version)

Heard of/listened to before? Yes and yes, I always find myself going back to her track Lullabies.

What I did while listening: Online shopping for a new bag (I couldn’t find one, if you have suggestions for a unique messenger bag let me know.)

Better suited for: A relaxing day spent in an art studio.

Top 3 Songs

1. Places To Go

2. Lanes

3. Used to Love You

Honorable mention: Best of Me

Favorite Lyric:

“For as long as I can remember/

Like oil and water we collide/

But you don’t seem to want forever/

This adventure was only real to my eyes”

From Unrequited Love.

Songs and musical artists this reminds me of:

Rock This Baby to Sleep – Kate Miller-Heidke

Lianne La Havas – No Room for Doubt

Tori Kelly – Celestial

Would I recommend it?

Yes. Yuna has a beautiful, calming voice. Listening to the album was a relaxing experience, and I love the old-school R&B feel that a handful of the songs came with. Some of the songs sound incredibly similar which can be both good and bad, but this allows this to be great music for studying or other tasks where you need to focus.

Rating [10 being the best]: This album gets 7.7 out of 10 crushes.

Listen on Youtube or Spotify.
sunday album review

Sunday Album Review – A Little Late by Loyle Carner


I have a few unspoken rules that I keep for myself when picking albums or EPs for the Sunday Review, one of which is that it has to be recent – within approximately the last 12 months. However when I heard Loyle Carner’s music, I had to make an exception.

Review Criteria

The Artist and their album EP name: Loyle Carner – A Little Late

Heard of/listened to before? No and no. I heard “Florence” in this commericial, and after being hooked on the song for a few days, found the EP.

What I did while listening: Browsed the internet.

Better suited for: A chill café playlist.

Top 3 Songs

1. October ft. Kiko Bun

2. Sea Shells

3. Pieces

Honorable mention: The Money ft. Rebel Kleff

Favorite Lyric:

“If you see me sleeping/
I dream of sneaking through into freedom/
so I’m leaving/
I’m fleeing, leaping, deep in to the green/
and forget a heathen/
’cause me? I need something to believe in”

From Cantona.

It’s usually difficult to pick the favorite songs, however this week it was the favorite lyrics. His words have a beautiful, poetic quality that often made me stop and replay.

Songs and musical artists this reminds me of:

The back track to “Pieces” reminds me of The Isley Brothers – For the Love of You. It may be a sample, but to be fair I’m not a real music critic so I don’t know.

SumoChief (ft. MADLean) – It Is What It Is

Digable Planets – The Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)

Would I recommend it?

Yes, if you are into musical fusions, rap, jazz, or both. As someone who enjoys both genres, I haven’t seen too many artists who combine them, not because there aren’t any but just because they don’t appear in my feed too often. When one did appear, I really enjoyed it, and I love putting this EP on in the background as I go about my day, as it never gets old despite the repeats. Even the emotionally raw songs have an air of calm because of the jazzy influences.

Rating [10 being the best]: This album gets 8.2 out of 10 pancakes.

Listen on Youtube or Soundcloud. I downloaded the EP for free on his website.

sunday album review

Sunday Album Review – The Heart Speaks in Whispers by Corinne Bailey Rae

Hearing Corinne Bailey Rae’s voice on this new album was like hearing an old friend. I  missed her visuals, her spirit, and her absolutely gorgeous hair. Her music has always been on my go-to list when I needed to embrace some Carefree Black Girl vibes. I listened to bits and pieces of the album when it came out, but since making this column I really wanted to give my undivided attention and appreciate each and every song.

Review Criteria

The Artist and their album name: Corinne Bailey Rae – The Heart Speaks in Whispers

Heard of/listened to before? Yes, and yes! I have loved both of her past albums – Put Your Records On is THE Carefree Black Girl Anthem, Closer gives me chills, and Paris Nights/New York Mornings always makes me want to grab my passport and go.

Her cover of Is This Love has to be mentioned too, just because.

What I did while listening: Redesigned my job’s website.

Better suited for: Growing your hair out, buying a bouquet of sunflowers, pretending to be a hopeless romantic instead of a raging cynic.

Top 3 Songs

Picking 3 songs was so difficult because I absolutely loved this album. I usually pick next weeks album out in advance, and I haven’t because I’m still listening to this one.

1. Been To The Moon

The visuals in this music video and her vocals in this song gave me pure unadulterated afro-futuristic life.


Like, let’s talk about that gold jumpsuit. Expect future posts with styling inspirations from this video.

2. Tell Me

I love the backing track and back-up vocals in this track, its such a funky track.

3. Stop Where You Are

The lyrics and story in this song are so earnest and beautiful that I had to include this in my top 3. The music video is gorgeous and absolutely touching.

Favorite Lyric:

“And the crowd is so loud/
It feels like they’ll drown you out/
And the waves crash down/
And there’s chaos all around/
Don’t let your mind rest on violence, violence, violence”

from The Skies Will Break, which you also need to check for stunning visuals.

Songs and musical artists this reminds me of:

Lianne La Havas – Unstoppable

AlunaGeorge – Your Drums, Your Love

Would I recommend it?

Yes, if you are growing out your hair, trying to have a carefree summer, are a hopeless romantic, or some combination, you really should listen to this album. I definitely encourage watching the music videos, and adds to the overall experience and will help you to stick with it if your hair is in that awkward-in-between-length.

I’ve decided to add a rating system in my recommendation, using a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being the best.

This album gets 8.7 out of 10 Horse Print Dresses.

Listen on Youtube or Spotify.